A Sincere Farewell and a Hopeful Addition

In 2013, NCCT established a full-time position opening for an Executive Director. It was a big leap for our conservancy, but we knew we made the right choice as we look back on our time with Betsy Kerlin. This past December, Betsy Kerlin and her family made a decision to move to Pennsylvania and she announced her departure from our organization. We take a moment to look back on all the wonderful accomplishments she made for us. Betsy was a one-person staff and on top of this she was able to secure over 8 conservation easements and over $20,000 in grant funding during her time with NCCT. The mission of our conservancy is to protect worthy, scenic,working lands and environmental resources for the benefit of the people of central Wisconsin and Betsy did just that. Her outgoing and loving personality benefited the community of Stevens Point and our 8-county service area in many ways. Her passion for the environment and this organization made it possible to have created many of the positive relationships we have today. During her last year before leaving, she was able to secure a grant and add a part-time intern named, April Opatik. Betsy was a brilliant mentor and teacher. After learning about Betsy’s departure, April stated, “Betsy was and will be forever my inspiration and mentor for land conservation. She taught me so many things and guided me to follow my passions. It is very sad that she is leaving the organization, but I know that she will make a positive impact wherever she goes.” Before leaving, we asked Betsy to say a few words regarding her departure and she stated it as bittersweet, “While I’m happy for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, I’m sad to be leaving a job that that fueled my passion and a community that I have come to love.” Her biggest accomplishment was NCCT’s partnership with UWSP. She was happy NCCT was able to take Dr. Aaron Thompson’s class project and rely on it as a strategic conservation plan for the Plover River. She is so proud of NCCT’s student volunteers and to have had the ability to inspire the next generation of conservative leaders. The hardest instance she faced was the lack of support for conservation programs at the state level, but the friendships and partnerships she forged made up for that as some of her happiest moments. Due to her departure, we will be announcing the opening of her position, Executive Director, on our website, Facebook, Land Trust Alliance’s website, and some other sites. Please check back if you or anyone you know might be interested. It is a great opportunity to mark your journey in helping protect central Wisconsin’s land.

Thank you Betsy Kerlin for all that you have done for central Wisconsin and the land. Please remember us and have a safe journey onto your next path in life. Take a look through some of the photos from the past two years with quotes regarding Betsy from board members, committee members, and friends!


  1. Doug Fields says:

    Without Betsy’s patience and expertise, I doubt we would have completed our easement. Thanks, Betsy, and good luck. You will definitely be missed.

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