Family Long Dedicated to NCCT Donates 40 Acres

In July of 2007 Anne E. Meronk, as Trustee of the Lois A. Siler Revocable Trust donated a conservation easement on 202 acres of land in the Towns of Colburn, Leola and Rome in Adams County. That same month the Siler family donated another approximately 88 acres in the Town of Deerfield, Waushara County. In both easements the Siler family entrusted North Central Conservancy Trust to protect the ecological and aesthetic features of the properties. And so began the Siler family’s support of NCCT’s mission to protect the rural character of central Wisconsin.

After numerous years of generous support through conservation easements and membership donations, the Siler family took another step this past May to further the work of NCCT is central Wisconsin. The Siler family donated a 40 acre parcel of land in the Town of Rome, Adams County. The Siler family protected the parcel with a conservation easement in 2007 and gifted the property to NCCT in 2014 with the understanding that the property would be sold. A few short months following the 40 acre gift, NCCT located a private buyer. The proceeds from the sale will go towards furthering the work of NCCT in central Wisconsin.

Those wishing to protect their land from undesirable development or use after they no longer can oversee it have the option to donate their land. This strategy is best suited for landowners who are looking for alternative approaches for divesting ownership, or to reduce a tax burden on the owner or the estate. By donating land to NCCT, a tax credit for the full value can be realized. NCCT will respect your wishes for the land, and will sell the property to a buyer who understands and accepts your wishes. Landowners receive the full tax advantage, plus the satisfaction of knowing the proceeds from the sale are used to promote conservation across central Wisconsin.

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