State DNR Grant Benefits Plover River

Encompassing over about 200 miles and four counties, the Plover River watershed is home to many landowners and wildlife habitat. It is classified as a Class 1 trout stream from the headwaters in Langlade south to County Highway N. The $9,911 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will help landowners living along the Plover River to conserve their natural property for future generations. The grant allows the North Central Conservancy Trust to continue a Plover River watershed protection project in Portage and Marathon counties. The grant will help provide educational resources for the project so that landowners are aware of how they can permanently protect their private land. The goal of this project is to develop and disseminate materials and educational programs that inform and encourage private landowners to utilize voluntary conservation options as a means to protect priority lands near the Plover River that provides wildlife habitat, ecological services, and recreational opportunities. A student intern will be hired from the University of Wisconsin’s Stevens Point to help guide this project by the direction of both the Project Director, April Opatik, and the Interim Executive Director, Sharon Schwab. Check our Facebook page for future events and presentations regarding this grant.Plover River

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